Mould Stoppers Australia was a small family business started in early 2017 when Wayne with 30 years of experience in water damage restoration, carpet cleaning and other associated industries along with his son Hayden with his extensive background in various construction industries sat down together and discussed the overwhelming problem that is mould and how they could bring a genuine solution to help even a few. Little did we know a few would quickly turn into hundreds when word got out about the level of service we provide, often quoted "remarkable" results which are always back with a 1 year minimum guarantee.

Over the past year we have readily evolved to meet our clients needs by now offering many additional  services beyond the mentioned above by undertaking specialist  training & accreditation courses in accordance with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, attending the latest research and development seminars, by incorporating the latest advancements in technology and our equipment throughout the company.

Fast forward to the present, since our inception, we have rectified many nightmare mould problems and given many residential, commercial, construction, government and health facilities complete control of there properties appearance and indoor air quality once again. We have also provided valuable water damage restoration services to local real estates, large commercial, construction  and insurance companies especially following Cyclone Debbie.

We owe our success not just to our wonderful clients and resilient staff but of special note and gratitude to an exceptionally brilliant individual - Rob Goldsworthy, long-time friend to Wayne and the creator of the patented and revolutionary Goldmorr System of which he has kindly allowed us to become Master Technicians so that we may continue to help those with mould problems moving forward into the future.



To provide every one of our amazing customers with healthy beautiful environments by offering affordable mould removal and restorations services, bringing exceptional experience and the "wow" factor to every completed project with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction and 1 year minimum warranty.