Why entrust Mould Stoppers to take care of your home?

  • We are experts in the trade 

  • Our treatment is Safe, Effective, and Timely.

  • If you have found mould, don’t worry, we will get the mould gone and find the reason why it ruined your day! 

  • It’s easy to have treatment done. Open the blinds, move furniture away from the affected area, put your food away and take Fido with you.

  • Limited time out of your home – after just three hours you can return back to normal.

Are you seeking a home remedy for mould that keeps growing on your walls and ceilings? Mould Stoppers is a professional mould removal service that restores your home back to normal… quickly and without fuss. A standard Mould Stoppers treatment causes minimal disruption to your life as we only require your home to be vacant for the duration of the treatment, and 3 hours afterwards. This means we get your life back to normal in your mould-free home… on the same day, we are also the most effective and most affordable solution in the market.