What areas do you service?

We service the Mackay, Whitsundays & Moranbah Region.

What is causing the mould problem?

High humidity, condensation, lack of ventilation & water leaks are the most common causes of mould.

What ever the case may be, one of our highly experienced mould and water damage technicians can correctly diagnose why your property is suffering from a mould issue!

What type of mould is it?

We can only determine the exact type of mould species and genus by taking swabs or air quality samples, which are then sent off to our lab for testing which can take up to 12 days for the report to be completed.

Could it bad for my health?

Yes, it potentially can be very harmful and can cause serious side effects such as respiratory problems, sore eyes, itchy throat, coughing, rashes and mental illnesses etc.

How much does it cost to take air samples for lab testing

From $750 plus GST for an internal samples depending on number required.

What is your method of mould removal?

First we conduct a complete wash-down of all mould affected surfaces using Goldmorr GM6000, through the use of this revolutionary mould removal product we can effectively remove mould rooting structures, hyphae and surface spores regardless of whether the mould is simply on the surface or deeply engrained into material such as water damaged timber or various layers of paint (even if previously painted over in the past) as well as many other types of building materials and  certain furniture items. 

This is followed by a anti-microbial surface and air quality decontamination treatment via introducing Goldmorr GM2000 or GMThermo either as a micro mist or smoke to produce a cloud throughout the internal property or similar such areas such as roof, wall and floor cavities or ducted ventilation systems. This product is scientifically tested and proven to 99.98% effectively neutralise all mould and spores with the treated areas on contact! 

During the remediation process we also utilise commercial grade HEPA assisted air purifiers/scrubbers to help capture dead airborne mould spores.


Our fogging system also provides a residual coating to all surfaces throughout the property to help prevent further mould growth.

Golmorr GM2000 is a safe, non-toxic, non-hazardous, anti-microbial chemical, and yes, we provide the MSDS sheets for it with every quote. The chemical is also ammonia free.

Do we offer a warranty period?

Yes we offer a 12-month limited warranty, reasonably providing the recommendation we make such as the installation of exhaust fans, dehumidifiers, roof insulation and water leaks have been rectified there should be no reason for mould to reoccur after successful treatment.

We aim to provide a long-term viable mould treatment and prevention solution through our extensive experience, expertise and demonstrated results using the most cutting edges treatment products and systems, equipment and work methods to ensure that we can supply you with a safe, effective, reliable solution with a wow-factor vs. a band-aid or temporary fix that often leaves property owners having to deal with the same repeating cleaning process every 3 - 6 months using traditional cleaning methods  vs. the Goldmorr System we proudly utilise.

Of course, a complete copy of our warranty terms and conditions is included with every free quote.

On average, how much does the mould removal and air quality treatment cost?

This is determined by a number of different factors but typically most houses depending on size or areas to be treated cost between $880 - $3800, depending on the level of contamination, type of materials and surfaces affected and the amount of areas that need to be physically washed-down. 

An exact cost can be determined by requesting a free home inspection and quote from us.

Can we simply treat one bathroom or one bedroom ect.?

Yes, absolutely! We're completely confident that our mould cleaning process can effectively treat a single room or area.

How long does it take to complete a treatment?

Between 1 and 10 hours, depending on the size of the property and the severity of the mould.

Do we have to move out of the house over night?

No, typically you only need to vacate the house during the treatment.

What do we need to do to prepare the house for treatment?

Put all food away, make sure there are no animals in the house and put all toiletries away. Move all furniture away from the infected surfaces. Take any pictures down that you may be concerned about the chemical affecting and cover any electrical items you don’t want chemicals to come into contact with.

What if I have experinced a major water-leak or flooding inside my property?

Get in contact with us asap!


We can provide specialised heat drying equipment to remove all moisture from affected walls cavities, skirting boards, plasterboard, floating timber floors, concrete ect. before mould can begin to grow (3-5 days) or further damage can occur! 

We are experts are water damage restoration and can save you thousands of dollars in demolition and repair cost if a water leak is address in a timely manner.

Depending on the amount of structural drying equipment required we can supply, install and monitor from $550 per day (flexible day rate hire).

However, should you discover a leak has occurred some time ago and you would like to rectify the water/mould damage caused we can certainly assist you with both the most cost-effective treatment solution(s) and we work closely with some of Mackay and Whitsundays most reputable builders who we can arrange to provide you with excellent repair and renovations rates.

Does our insurance cover your treatment?

Most Insurers only covers certain types of water damage jobs, so you will need to check with your insurance company to see if you are covered.

Do you provide free mould/water damage reports as well as free quotes?

No, while we may on occasion include a brief summary in our quote as to why we believe mould is affecting a property, we do not provide free professional reports of any kind. 

Upon request we can provide various types of water damage and mould inspection reports based on you or your insurance companies requirements. 

The average cost to produce a professional report ranges from $660 - $1100.