Free Inspection Report & Quote

The unique service that we provide starts with our free inspection report, this report identifies what is causing the mould growth by determining where the water source is coming from.

Technology Leaders

Our mould technicians use the latest technology which allow us to identify if any repairs are needed to be carried out at the property and recommend any solutions to reduce moisture.  Our mould removal service achieves fantastic results and can usually be completed within one day. 

12 Month Limited Warranty

We offer a 12 month limited warranty that mould will not return to the property, as long as all necessary repairs are made and the recommendations are followed as outlined in the inspection report or we will come back and retreat the area free of charge.

We Value Our Clients

Throughout the whole process our friendly customer service team will be more then happy to provide advice and answer any questions.

Goldmorr Master Technicians

As accredited Goldmorr Master Technicians we are trained to firstly determine the cause or source of the mould problem to ensure that the mould does not return. We offer practical, affordable solutions that will enable you to gain control of your indoor environment and keep it free of mould.